Information Technology Division

Information Technology Division

Mr. Md. Ziaur Rahman
B.Sc in CSE [IIUC], M.Sc in CSE, Pursuing Ph.D. [CUET]
Director (in-charge)
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01811812113
cseziaiiuc@gmail.com, ziaur.rahman@iiuc.ac.bd

Dr. Md. Shamimul Haque Choudhury
B.Sc. Engg. (EEE)[BUET], M.Sc. Engg. (EEE) [BUET], Ph.D. in Organic-inorganic Solar Cells [Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan]
Associate Professor, EEE & Chairman, ITDMC
Mobile: 01798023252
shamimul129@gmail.com, shamimul129@iiuc.ac.bd

About IT Division of IIUC
The Information Technology Division (ITD) has been established by the syndicate of IIUC in its 124th meeting held on 14th July, 2008. The purpose of the division is to provide Internet facilities, design & implementation of Campus Network, design, develop & maintenance of Automation Software and all the Hardware support for teachers, students & officers at IIUC. Initially ITD has started with 3 Mbps Internet Bandwidth from BTCL. Now, it is providing Internet Service to IIUC users by 920 Mbps Bandwidth after upgradation. For connectivity among the campuses ITD has established Optical Fiber Backbone. ITD has following objectives:

1. Provide seamless Network Connectivity among the campuses
ITD maintain optical fiber network & radio link connection between IIUC offices, departments at Kumira (24 km apart) which is the first of its kind among all private universities in Bangladesh. Besides, ITD maintains Campus-Wide optical fiber network. ITD also maintains common browsing facility for students and Wi-Fi connectivity within campus area at Kumira.

2. Provide Internet Service to the authorized users of IIUC
ITD provides Internet connectivity to IIUC through three gateways, and from three different ISPs. In order to meet the booming demand of Internet service, ITD has initiated to increase Bandwidth capacity from 555 Mbps to 920 Mbps. IIUC has established a modern Data Center which is also a pioneering step among the private universities. ITD has the responsibility to maintain this Data Center.

3. Maintenance and development of software and computing solutions as per IIUC need
ITD provides Software and Network management system of IIUC which includes website development & updating, E-mail facilities, E-journal facility & Software requirements for different departments &divisions. IIUC is implementing Total Office Automation(in the name ‘Integrated University Management System’) which is being maintained by ITD. The Division gives technical supports to regular online programming contest for students, and has experience of providing support to NCPC, 2004(National Computer Programming Contest),a national event in IIUC.

4. Maintain and trouble-shoot IT related Hardware
ITD has to look after all the IT related equipment (e.g. Computers, printers, network devices, scanners, projectors, etc.) of the University. ITD’s maintenance staff has the responsibility to trouble-shoot such devices and equipment of different divisions and departments of this University. In future, ITD plans to bring all offices and departments of IIUC into a 100 Mbps LAN. IIUC wants to be connected to BdREN through 100 Mbps Internet Bandwidth. In order to provide high performance computing facility ITD will establish high-end cluster computers equipped with necessary expensive software.

5. University Students Management System

6. Human Resource Management System

7. Wi-Fi User Management System

8. Library Automation System (Koha)

9. University Repository Management (Dspace)

10. Inventory Management System

11. University Website and Department/Division Website

12. Email Facilities (University Webmail and G Suite)

13. IP Telephone Service

14. Central CCTV Management (Installation and Maintenance)

List of Employees of ITD

Network Section

Engr. Faisal Ahamed
Network Administrator
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, Ext: 3000
Mobile: 01832251669
faisalahamed2002@yahoo.com, faisal@iiuc.ac.bd

Engr. Reazuddin Ahmed
Assistant System Administrator
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, Ext: 3001
Mobile: 0191-5558635
reaz166@yahoo.com, reaz@iiuc.ac.bd

Mr. Md. Jafurul Hoque
IT Officer
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, Ext: 3004
Mobile: 01814-130112

Engr. Md. Akramul Haque
Assistant System Engineer
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, 3005
Mobile: 01711-196626
tutulakram_engr@yahoo.com, tutul@iiuc.ac.bd

Software Section

Engr. Md. Mahi Uddin
Asst. System Analyst
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, IP PABX: 3002
Mobile: 01832223310
webmaster@iiuc.ac.bd, mahin.cse@gmail.com

Md. Yusuf Khalil
Assistant Programmer
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505, IP Ext. 1993
Mobile: 01978-940121
yusuf.khalil88@gmail.com, admin@iiuc.ac.bd

Office and Logistics

Mohammad Nazrul Islam
Sub-Assistant IT Officer
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC IIUC IP Tel: +8809613230505

Hardware Section

Engr. Farman Sikder
Sub Asst. System Support Engineer
Information Technology Division
Tel:+8802334461900-7, Ext: 321
Mobile: 01819853452

Faruque Imam Babu
Computer Technician
Information Technology Division
Tel:+8802334461900-7, Ext: 321
Mobile: 01911119172

Support & CCTV Section

Md. Askander
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01819855204

Md. Sawkat Ali
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01815662619

Md. Zamal Hossain
Information Technology Division
Mobile: 01735173457

PABX Section

Md. Salah Uddin
Telephone Operator
Information Technology Division
Tel:IIUC +8802334461900-7, Ext: 0 and 300
Mobile: 01819332926

Mohammad Anwar Hossain
Telephone Attendant
Information Technology Division
Tel:+8802334461900-7, Ext: 0 and 300
Mobile: 01817760161