Dated: 26-27 October 2019 SATURDAY - SUNDAY

International conference on “BUSINESS INNOVATION FOR INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT” (ICBIID 2019) is an Business conference organized by the Faculty of Business STUDIES of International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) in association with the Center for Research and Publication (CRP) of the university. The objectives of ICBIID 2019 is to crate a unique opportunity for Business scholars, researchers, Ulama and students to present their latest research findings and experiences in the areas of Financial, Environmental Accounting , Accounting Ethics, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Islamic Accounting and Auditing etc.

Conference entitled "BUSINESS INNOVATION FOR INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT". Its focus is on the role of Business Studies.

Objectives of the Conference:

  1. To bring researchers, academics and practitioners together who are actively engaged in both theoretical and practical aspects of business innovation and inclusive development.
  2. To encourage them to submit their original research papers for publication consideration.

Conference Themes/ Topics :
  1. Financial Reporting and accountability
  2. Environmental Accounting and Reporting practices
  3. Accounting Ethics
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. Corporate Social Responsibility
  6. Forensic Accounting
  7. Islamic Accounting and Auditing
  8. Sustainability of SMEs
  9. Corporate restructuring
  10. Financial inclusion for alleviation of Poverty
  11. Business Innovation for Sustainable Development of Business
  12. Halal Marketing and Marketing Ethics
  13. Tourism and Destination Marketing
  14. Marketing Communication and Branding
  15. Services and Marketing Innovation
  16. Management Leadership for Efficient Corporate Governance
  17. Business Ethics and Morality
  18. Business Entrepreneurship and Economic Inclusion
  19. Disaster and Crisis Management
  20. Women empowerment
  21. Social Entrepreneurship/Business and Economic Inclusion
  22. Environmental
  23. Tourism and Inclusive Growth
  24. Moral Markets /Economy
  25. Energy and Natural Economics
  26. Globalization and Inclusive Growth
  27. Halal Financing and Inclusive Growth
  28. Innovative Institutions and Methods for Financial Inclusions

Terms and conditions :
  • The research articles should be within one of the themes of the conference.
  • All submissions will undergo a thorough blind review process and only those selected by the scientific committee for the conference will be notified to their authors by email. Decisions of the committee will be final.
  • The submissions must not have been published in any form previously or submitted to any other conference or journal for consideration. By submitting to this conference the authors give the right of publication of their articles to the conference organizors.
  • Featuring the title, name of the researcher, scientific title, field of work and e-mail on the first page of the research and abstract of article (for articles in Arabic should have English abstracts) on the second page.
  • Articles should be submitted on :,
  • Articles should be in English or Arabic (with English abrstracts) language.
The international conference is expected to be attended by scholars, researchers, legal specialists, educators, media professionals, other academics and intellectuals from both home and abroad.

The University will print the conference papers in a special book or publish them in one of the volumes of its scientific journal “IIUC Studies” or "IIUC Business Review" according to the scientific research system.

The University will only bear the cost of local hospitality and internal transport throughout the conference. Apart this no other kind of travel costs will be bear by the by the University.

Important dates: :